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The Law Society of Singapore - 39 South Bridge Road, Level 2 (Amicus), Singapore 058673 (map)

No. of Public CPD Points: 1.0

Practice Area: Professional Skills

Training Level: General



In a time when lawyers are choosing to leave practice in numbers, when cutting edge work and the prospect of partnership are no longer necessarily enough to retain our best lawyers, when the impact of disruption and a future which is complex and ambiguous demands even more clarity, energy and creativity from the legal profession, it is time to evaluate how the way we have been working may no longer serve law firms well enough today let alone for the future. 

There is a strong business case for law firms to take on the challenge to amplify our lawyers’ engagement at work beyond the traditional reward-for-work model, by looking at what is important to us as multi-dimensional human beings. There is an on-going shift towards organisations which are igniting the energy of their workforce, and reaping the benefits for all stakeholders. They are doing this by consciously engaging with their employees in the 4 aspects of human needs, especially connecting with people’s need for purpose and meaning, in which employees know the purpose that their employers stand for beyond the primary mission and thus know that their own work contributes to something bigger than themselves. This new approach to work is itself a disruptive shift that law firms and lawyers cannot afford to ignore.  

Participants will learn about how organisations that have become purpose-centred have outperformed their peers, and how law firms can consciously harness the power of purpose so as to change the experience of work from transactional to transformational, ignite the energy of being engaged and fulfilled at work, and experience its positive impacts on retention, performance, and the creativity and agility needed to succeed both personally and professionally in a fast changing world.  


Susan de Silva – The Silva Coach

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