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The URA Centre 45 Maxwell Road 5th Storey (Podium Block) - Function Hall Singapore 069118 (map)

CPD Points: 4.0

Practice Area: Personal Injury

Training Level: General


About the Seminar

Learning Objectives & Outcome -

  1. To broaden our understanding on spondylosis and how an accident may aggravate a pre-existing condition so that practitioners will be more directed in the preparation of cross examination.
  1. To gain knowledge of the psychiatric injuries which emanate from different accidents for practitioners to have a better perspective when dealing with these issues.  
  1. Practitioners specialising in property damage claims will benefit from the talk by Mr. Shreejit Changaroth from ST/Torque who will provide us with the valuable ability to identify the different parts of a car and motor cycle as well as how the parts overlap, so as to equip practitioners with the tools needed in dealing with surveyors in cross examination.  
  1. Finally, Mr. Willy Tay will provide us with his reading of the Proposed Rules of Court with a contrast comparison to the present Rules of Court to highlight the important changes in practice.

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