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55 Market Street Singapore 048941, #03-00, Conference Room 2 (map)

No. of Public CPD Points: 2.5

Practice Area: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Training Level: General


Almost everyone can agree that globalisation affects every country, and brings with it profound changes. Some are affected more than others. The legal profession similarly is not spared by this phenomenon and the way how law is practised today has been irrevocably altered. To remain competitive and grow in the globalised market, law firms will have to continue to adapt and to take advantage of the reduced barriers and global developments. There has been a myriad of responses to meet these challenges from the law firms. Some the conventional way and others taking the untested route. This seminar aims to explore how globalisation and the evolvement of technology have affected the legal profession in 2 of the most advanced economies in Asia – Singapore and Japan, and the responses of the law firms in these 2 jurisdictions to meet these challenges.

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