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No. of Public CPD Points: Day 1: 6.0, Day 2: 6.0

Practice Area: Others

Training Level: General


The Law Society of Singapore is proud to present the Annual CPD Day 2018 / Contracts Masterclass 2018. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee of The Law Society of Singapore is organising a 2-day event lined with exciting and engaging sessions covering the latest developments in various areas of law.

The event will kick-off with Annual CPD Day 2018 on day 1 followed by Contracts Masterclass on day 2.

Participants of the Annual CPD Day 2018 (Day 1) will be able to hear from our expert speakers who will provide informative insights on the following practice areas:

-       Civil Litigation

-       Criminal Litigation

-       General Company Law

-       Restructuring & Insolvency

-       Competition & Consumer Law

-       Tort

-       Restitution

-       Family Law / Probate

-       Developments in Data Protection Law

On day 2 – Contracts Masterclass 2018, there will be two lectures in the morning focusing on the essentials of contracts drafting and contract drafting in plain English.

In the afternoon, four concurrent specialised tracks will be conducted with emphasis on both practical and substantial issues arising in some key areas of practice. Participants will get to choose from the following topics:

-       Technology & Contracts

-       Employment Contracts

-       Conflict Resolution Clauses in Contracts

-       Financing and Security Documents in Singapore

For more information and to register, please click on the link below: