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55 Market Street, Level 3, Conference Room 1, Singapore 048941 (map)

Public CPD Points: 1.5

Practice Area: Professional Skills

Training Level: General



Blockchain technology is changing the commercial landscapes of today and has shown to have a variety of applications in different areas. The demand for blockchain-based services and crypto assets is on the rise, and the technology and the market for such technology is developing at a rapid pace. Technology creates challenges, which the law and regulations are only just beginning to resolve.

In this seminar, the first speaker Krishna Ramachandra will identify the potential legal issues arising from new technologies and the complex regulatory environment surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency. He will draw upon his extensive experience in the FinTech and blockchain technology areas and his capabilities involving regulatory and compliance, commodities and derivatives to examine some of the key issues faced by businesses, regulators and law firms in relation to blockchain technology.

Learning objectives: Attendees will learn about the following:
• Initial coin offerings and other blockchain related fund raising activities;
• Fraud, sanctions and anti-money laundering risk and regulations;
• Data protection compliance and security matters;
• Intellectual property, open source and smart contracts; and
• Enforcement and regulatory action and challenges.

The second speaker, Jonathan Chan, Managing Partner of Vigilant Assets and Founder and CEO of Jules Ventures, founded the world’s first computational thinking curriculum for preschoolers in Singapore. His company uses blockchain to create a decentralized digital profile for students and an academic credentialing system to empower the entire educational ecosystem. In this seminar, Jonathan will discuss how his company uses blockchain and how and why they had gone down the route of launching a security token offering.

Learning objectives: Attendees will learn the following:
• The definition of a security token and the difference between an ordinary share
• The advantages of a security token offering
• The future of fund raising


Krishna Ramachandra – Managing Director, Duane Morris & Selvam LLP
Jonathan Chan – Managing Partner, Vigilant Assets; Founder and CEO, Jules Ventures


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