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55 Market Street, #03-01, Spore 048941 (Conference room 1) (map)

No. of Public CPD Points: 1.5

Practice Area: Real Estate

Training Level: General


About the Workshop

Managing conflicts of interest and the concept of resulting trusts are two areas which lawyers have historically grappled with. In the present era where the global landscape and interrelations between parties has been flattened, this age-old problem is ever more prevalent. In order to deal with them, one must continue to learn and to understand the practical application of the theoretical safeguards.

Whilst the resulting trust, an old beast born of equity, may appear deceptively simple, the rules concerning the proving of such a trust are complicated. In the mix are the rules of presumption of advancement and other evidential rules. The case of Chia Kok Weng v Chia Kwok Yeo and another [2017] SGCA 54 and other recent developments of equity’s landscape will be discussed.

This seminar aims to provide practitioners with a working understanding of the resulting trust and an updated understanding of equitable claims. It will also delve into the ethical considerations in acting in cases of conflicts of interest.


  • Kelvin Lee - Founding Director, WNLEX LLC
  • Justin Wee – Founding Director, WNLEX LLC

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