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55 Market Street, Level 3 (Conference Room 1), Singapore048941 (map)

No. of Public CPD Points: 2.0

Practice Area: Professional Skills

Training Level: General



Managing clients in a professional services practice is never easy, particularly when confronted by a challenging client, be it a client who is overly aggressive or demanding, secretive, hostile, vengeful, mentally ill or one who is unwilling to accept advice rendered. How do you go about identifying and understanding their motivations? What practical steps can you take to protect your practice and neutralise their behaviour towards you?

Our speakers will share tips from their personal experiences on identifying potentially challenging clients, techniques to manage their behaviour and minimise client complaints from scenarios that would be frequently encountered by practitioners. Our speakers will also share tips and techniques on what is involved and what to do when the angry client lodges a complaint against the practitioner.

This seminar is particularly useful for practitioners who wish to gain a better understanding on how to improve existing relationships with clients and also those who want to develop their skills in this area.


Rajvant Kaur – Assistant Director (Conduct Department), The Law Society of Singapore

Wong Meng Meng, SC – Founder-Consultant, WongPartnership LLP

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