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The Law Society of Singapore - 39 South Bridge Road, Level 2 (Amicus Room), Singapore 058673 (map)

No. of Public CPD Points: 3.0

Practice Area: Contemporary Issues in Legal Practice

Training Level: General



Our legal profession is not alone in facing the onslaught of technology. Every jurisdiction however has its own ways of meeting this challenge. Resist or embrace? Bar leaders from overseas jurisdictions will share their experience of these technological challenges.

Will globalisation comes the inevitable convergence of Common Law and Civil Law? Will the harmonisation of these 2 main bodies of legal systems brings more harm or good? How does common law lawyers deal with civil law issues and vice versa in a borderless world? The invited bar leaders will attempt to address these questions as the call for the integration of Asia’s constituent economies gets stronger! 

This seminar offers a unique and rare opportunity for members to engage bar leaders from the region as they address challenges facing the legal profession in the new era. 


Gregory Vijayendran – President, The Law Society of Singapore

Jonathan Smithers – Chief Executive Officer, Law Council of Australia

Lim Seng Siew – ExCo Member, The Law Society of Singapore

George Varughese – President, Bar Council Malaysia

Amirali Nasir – Vice-President, The Law Society of Hong Kong

Zhu Zhengfu – Vice-President, All China Lawyers Association

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