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137 Cecil Street, Level 3, Toyko Room 2 Singapore (map)

No. of Public CPD Points: 3.0

Practice Area: Professional Skills

Training Level: General


** Please note that the venue of this workshop will no longer be at TKP Conference Centre Raffles Place.  It has been changed to TKP Conference Centre Cecil Street at 137 Cecil Street, Level 3, Tokyo Room 2.


Anyone working in a business environment needs to makes business decisions and they should all know how a business works. This legal services business simulation game workshop will teach the following:

•   Business literacy so that participants can learn to talk the talk of their clients;

•   Business visualisation so that they can recognise the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that may exist in their clients’ businesses;

•   Business acumen so that they can develop insights based on careful business analysis and adapt their sales and marketing methodology to better     meet their client’s business needs.


Ramesh Ramachandra - Managing Director, Talent Leadership Crucible

Eileen Cheng - Finance & Whole Business Thinking, Talent Leadership Crucible

Worarat Pichpongsa - Finance & Whole Business Thinking, Talent Leadership Crucible

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