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Public CPD Points: 18.0    Practice Area: Family     Training Level: General


This three-day workshop will comprise of the intermediate and advanced training for Parenting Coordination. This course is designed for participants who had completed the Basic Parenting Coordination Training Programme. Priority will be given to participants who completed the Basic Parenting Coordination Training Programme in 2016.

Parenting Coordination – Intermediate Training (Day 1)

Parents with continuing disputes and chronic litigation about their children after separation or divorce present a difficult problem for courts, lawyers and mental health professionals and increase their children’s risk for psychological and social problems.  This training program will focus on the parenting coordination structure and process, including effective court orders, sources of authority, the hybrid model used, range of disputes resolved, practical and ethical issues, case examples, and case analyses in group exercises.

Parenting Coordination – Advanced Training (Day 2 & 3)

This advanced workshop will focus on dealing with the most difficult issues in the PC process, including allegations of alienation and abuse, visitation resistance and refusal, and personality disordered parents.   In addition, practical tools for analyzing intractable conflict and interventions to disarm embattled parents will be addressed. Stages of conflict resolution and techniques to heighten parents’ consciousness will be introduced and applied to cases in group exercise format.

Trainer: Dr. Debra K. Carter 

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