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Public CPD Points: 18.0   Practice Area: Family     Training Level: Intermediate



Making and carrying out decisions relating to the care of and access to children with a spouse or an ex-spouse are some of the biggest challenges faced by parties in separation or divorce. For highly acrimonious parties, co-parenting is fraught with difficulties and presents a great strain not only on the mother and father, but on the child or children as well.

Parenting Coordination is an innovative child-focused alternative dispute resolution process designed for divorce and separation situations marked by intense high-conflict and continuing concerns about the post-separation adjustment of children and parents. The overall objective is to assist parents with the implementation of and compliance with their parenting and access plans and other court orders, including conflict resolution, so as to protect and sustain safe, healthy and meaningful parent-child relationships.

Many Parenting Coordinators are lawyers who practice family law, due to their unique dispute resolution skill sets, their familiarity with local laws, the family justice process, and court practices and procedures. In this model where a lawyer is a Parenting Coordinator, a court would appoint the Parenting Coordinator through a court order. The Parenting Coordinator would be paid by the parties in the case assigned to them by the court.

About Parenting Coordination 

Parenting Coordination has been utilized in the United States as an ADR process for several decades. Countries around the world are incorporating this process into their family justice systems as an additional tool for the courts, in order to assist families in conflict. 

The Family Justice Courts plans to introduce Parenting Coordination services in Singapore, by forming a panel of trained Parenting Coordinators and appointing them as such in appropriate cases. This workshop will help lawyers begin their practice in Parenting Coordination.  

This course is designed for lawyers. It describes the Parenting Coordination process, including the hybrid blend of psycho-legal skills and knowledge required, the roles and responsibilities of a Parenting Coordinator, the integrated model of Parenting Coordination, the orientation process, screening tools and techniques, ethical challenges, intervention strategies, and specific issues when working with high-conflict families. 

Who Should Attend

Lawyers who practice family law, especially those who have an interest in alternative dispute resolution, or have training in mediation and/or counselling. This training is open to a maximum of 30  participants. In the event of over-subscription, priority will be given to SMC accredited family lawyers and organiser will notify you should your registration is unsuccessful.

Trainer: Dr. Debra K. Carter 

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