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National Gallery Singapore, City Hall Wing, Basement 1 (Auditorium), 1 St. Andrew's Road (map)

Public CPD Points: 2.5 Points

Practice Area: Contemporary Issues in Legal Practice

Training Level: General


The globalised nature of the world economy increasingly makes cross border transactions a norm rather than an exception. Increasingly, Singapore lawyers are engaged to advise on a wide array of legal matters that transcends a number of jurisdictions. From cross-border dispute resolution to multi-jurisdictional corporate transactions, the Singapore lawyer is increasingly expected to be adept in working on legal matters that are transnational in nature. The recent birth of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the upcoming implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will further heighten the need for a legal practice that is both regionally and globally oriented.  

The Law Society of Singapore is pleased to present a seminar that seeks to examine and discuss the role of Singapore lawyers in a globalised legal market. The seminar will aim to highlight the nature of a rapidly globalised legal market, the opportunities and challenges it presents to legal practice and the skill-sets which the Singapore lawyer should embrace to be effective and successful legal practitioners in a globalised legal market. 


The speakers for this seminar are seasoned legal practitioners with vast experience in cross border transactions. The speakers will seek to share their personal experiences in working on multi-jurisdictional legal transactions, the challenges they had faced and how these were overcome. The speakers will also seek to share the skill-sets that are valuable in order to be a successful legal practitioner in a globalised legal market. 


Participants of the seminar will come away from this session understanding:

  • the globalised nature of legal practice and how this affects them;
  • the common challenges in advising, coordinating and working across jurisdiction and how to manage them;
  • how cross-cultural differences, varying legal systems, geo-political factors and business norms in various jurisdictions can shape and affect the style of lawyering expected of them; and 
  • the skill-sets that will allow them to survive and thrive in an increasingly transnational legal practice. 


Lee Suet Fern - Managing Partner, Morgan Lewis Stamford LLC

Daniel Yong - Partner, Morgan Lewis Stamford LLC

Daniel Chia - Partner, Morgan Lewis Stamford LLC

Parikhit Sarma - Partner, Morgan Lewis Stamford LLC

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