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The URA Centre - 45 Maxwell Road, 5th Storey (Podium Block) – Function Hall, S069118 (map)

Public CPD Points: 2.0

Practice Area: Professional Skills

Training Level: General



Many lawyers speak well, articulate themselves impressively and are consummate in getting their point across in the courtroom. By association, it is expected or assumed that if lawyers speak well, they would write equally well and be everything they ought to be on paper – clear, concise, succinct, logical, persuasive. Alas, this is not always the case. Many of us who have no problems with our oratory skills, face some challenges when it comes to putting down our thoughts on paper. 

The Publications Committee of the Law Society brings you this seminar where you can expect to learn the art and craft of legal drafting and writing from the best in the business. We are honoured to have Justice Choo Han Teck and Mr Michael Hwang, SC take centrestage to share their years of experience from the Bench and the Bar, on what constitutes strong solid legal drafting and writing skills in affidavits and submissions, and why doing so in plain English helps you to get your point across in an effective yet powerful way. And how by doing so, you will help your case, not hinder it. 

The seminar will be moderated by Mr Adrian Tan, himself a noted litigator and prolific writer. We did say you will learn from the best, didn’t we?


  • Understand the purpose and objectives of legal writing
  • Learn how to achieve your purpose and objectives effectively
  • Understand and appreciate the importance of drafting and writing in plain English and avoid the      subterfuge of verbosity and jargon
  • Learn how to write concisely to put your point across effectively and persuasively


The Honourable Justice Choo Han Teck – Supreme Court of Singapore

Dr Michael Hwang, SC – Chief Justice, Dubai International Financial Centre Courts (non-resident); Sole Director, Michael Hwang Chambers LLC

Adrian Tan – Partner, TSMP Law Corporation

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