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The Law Society of Singapore - 39 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058673 (Level 2, Amicus) (map)

No. of Public CPD Points: 1.5 

Practice Area: Professional Skills

Training Level: General



Paperlessing a law firm can seem like an overwhelming task. Is it even possible, some may ask. With a bit of planning, perseverance and the will to shift the traditional paradigm, it is.

This seminar will provide an overview of the workflows, software, hardware and tips needed for paperlessing a law firm and harness the benefits in terms of both cost and productivity. 

The learning outcomes include:

(1) An understanding of the benefits of paperlessing a law firm
(2) The steps needed to implement a paperless system
(3) A list of best practices for paperlessing a law firm
(4) Knowledge of the tools needed to transform to a paperless practice
(5) Understanding the need for a different approach to paperlessing for different practice area
(6) The costs of paperlessing
(7) The long term effect of paperlessing on firm overhead (cost recovery)


Serena Lim - Founder and Managing Director, Bizibody Technology Pte Ltd; Co-Founder and Business Development Director, Litigation Edge Pte Ltd

Chen Junbin - Co-Founder and Head of Litigation Support, Litigation Edge Pte Ltd

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