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137 Cecil Street, Hengda Building, Level 3 (Tokyo Room 2), Singapore 068537 (map)

Public CPD Points: 2.5

Practice Area: Professional Skills

Training Level: General


Few terms have been more misunderstood by law firms than branding. Regardless of whether you or your firm has spent any money creating a brand, you most certainly do have a brand and your law firm branding definitely affects the quality and quantity of the business you get. Your brand is really just what your clients think of you. 

In a world of exclusively offline personal relationships you have almost perfect control over your brand, but as these relationships increasingly move online and into public spaces, your clients and prospects will inevitably hear from other sources about you and your brand. If you choose not to take charge of your brand, others will end up doing it for you. The reality is that you are no longer the exclusive author of your own brand message and delivery. Learn what it takes to be the primary author of your brand.

Comprising group activities and interactive discussions, this workshop aims to help lawyers to gain a better understanding of their brand and how to brand it right. Only a maximum of 48 participants can be accommodated. 


Eliza Tan - Managing Director, LegisComm

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