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Practice Area: Private Client     Training Level: General

Duration: 68 minutes

About the Programme

What is the position in Singapore with regard to Muslim inheritance and succession laws? What is the approach that has been taken by the civil courts in respect of matters involving Muslim inheritance and succession laws? Are there practical difficulties? Can these difficulties be reconciled? What are the ways in which a Muslim estate can be disposed of under Muslim law? What are the requirements? How do you draft the different documents? When do you take out a Grant of Probate and a Grant of Letters of Administration for a Muslim estate? What are the documents that you require to make such an application?

The Muslim Law Practice Committee and The Probate Practice Committee of The Law Society of Singapore is proud to present this joint seminar on Muslim Inheritance Law.

Article 153 of the Singapore Constitution provides for the Legislature to make provision for regulating Muslim religious affairs. The Administration of Muslim Law Act (Cap. 3) was enacted for this purpose.

The Introduction to Muslim Inheritance Law seminar is useful for practitioners and students who have an interest and/or are keen to know about Muslim inheritance law and its application in Singapore.


Halijah Binte Mohamad - Sole Proprietor , Halijah Mohamad & Co

Ahmad Nizam Abbas - Director, Straits Law Practice LLC

Abdul Rahman B M H - Managing Director, Abdul Rahman Law Corporation


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