Unlimited e-Learning Programmes for 2018

We are pleased to inform you that you we have extended the access to unlimited e-Learning programmes until 31 December 2018 for a flat fee of $75.00 inclusive of GST.

Terms & Conditions

By registering, you accept and agree to all of the covenants and conditions imposed in this Terms & Conditions.

  1. The Law Society of Singapore reserves the right to cancel any programmes without notice.
  2. Generally, e-Learning programmes are not eligible for refund and cancellation. The Law Society may approve a refund/cancellation request on a case-by-case basis. Participant must notify us of their desire to cancel in writing within 24-hours of the registration. Requests must be sent via email to the following address: cpd@lawsoc.org.sg. Do note that a 15% admin fee for refund/cancellation will be imposed should the request be approved.
  3. E-Learning programmes are strictly non-transferrable.
  4. Do note that you would be provided access to unlimited e-Learning Programmes in one to two working days after registration. However, you would only be allowed to view each programme once.
  5. The list of e-Learning programmes on the e-Learning Portal are non-exhaustive and new programmes will be uploaded constantly. You will have access to the new programmes as well.
  6. You are encouraged to complete the video in one sitting.
  7. For each e-Learning programme which you have selected to view, please click on the course description, presentation slides and view the video to complete the progress by 100% on the e-Learning portal. Ensure that the certificate for the respective e-Learning programme which you have completed is downloaded. A soft copy of the certificate should be saved and kept for your own record.
  8. The Law Society of Singapore does not warrant or represent that all the e-Learning programmes contain up-to-date information. As some e-Learning programmes on the e-Learning Portal are not new, they may contain information that is outdated. You are responsible for independently verifying all information to ensure that it is current.

Only PayPal (credit card) payment is accepted for the e-Learning programme.

For information on private CPD points, please refer to: https://www.silecpdcentre.sg/Lawyer/CPD-Requirement/Private-CPD-Points/

For information on claiming private CPD points, please refer to: https://www.silecpdcentre.sg/Documents/CPD%20Guides/Claiming_Private_CPD_Points.pdf

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