e-Learning Programmes for Practice Trainees

Please read the important notes below before register:

All Practice Trainees are required to complete 2 online learning courses:

  1. e-Learning: Ethics in Practice for Practice Trainees and 2) eLearning: Legal Profession (Solicitors’ Account) Rules’ for Practice Trainees. For more information on the Practice Training Contract Guideline by SILE, please refer to the attachment.
  2. All Practice Trainees are only required to register for ONE session on e-Learning: Ethics in Practice for Practice Trainees and ONE session on e-Learning: Legal Profession (Solicitors’ Accounts) Rules and to complete the viewing & learning assessment within the stipulated date/time. Strictly no extension is allowed.
  3. An e-mail notification with the userid & password login will be emailed to you prior to the viewing session. Please ensure that the email address provided is correct. Do also check your junk/spam folder. A Learning Assessment will be administered at the end of the course to gauge the extent of understanding of the registrant. The passing marks for the Learning Assessment is 80% and registrant is given 2 attempts to complete the Learning Assessment.
  4. Payment is strictly by Credit Card/Paypal only.
  5. For further enquiries, please contact us at cpd@lawsoc.org.sg or 6530 0242.

Please click here to register: **Registration link