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This is an Online Learning Programme and registration is on-going. The website link to our e-Learning portal will be emailed to you within 1 - 2 working days after registration/payment has been received and you may log-in immediately to view the multimedia programme.

 Practice Area: Civil Procedure     Training Level: General 

About the Programme

The theme for Litigation Conference 2015 is International Commercial Litigation, leveraging on the newly launched Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC).

Some of the topical issues discussed at the Conference include the following:

- SICC in Perspective

- Jurisdiction - What is SICC's Reach?

- International Enforcement of SICC Judgements

- Choosing a Judicial Approach for the Future - Adversarial, Inquisitorial or a Hybrid?

- Litigation Funding - Opportunity or Threat?

- Managing Mega Litigation

- The Future of International Commercial Litigation

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