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State Courts Bar Room (map)
Public CPD Points: 1.0 Points per module (TBC)  Practice Areas: Crime      Training Level: General The third run of the Criminal Law Training Programme 2017 (“Programme”) will continue to serve CLAS Fellows, active CLAS volunteers and other practitioners wishing to develop or improve their criminal practice knowledge and skills. Free or subsidised access to the various lessons will be made available to active CLAS volunteers. The Programme wil...
137 Cecil Street, Level 4, Singapore 069537 (map)
Public CPD Point Practice Area  Training Level 2 (TBC) Private Client General ABOUT THIS SEMINAR The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) was first passed in 2008. The MCA sets out a legislative framework to address the need to decide and act on behalf of persons who are unable to make those decisions themselves. Its main tenet is expressed through respecting the autonomous right of persons with capacity, and respecting the vulnerability of those who lack capacit...

Law Society's Training Roadmap for Members

Nuts and Bolts for the Learning Lawyer - this focuses on developing a firm foundation for basic skills required by new practitioners and those who wish to develop their skills in an existing practice area or to practise in a new practice area.

Latest Developments for the Busy Practitioner - this focuses on giving practitioners quick legal updates on case law and legislation and their implications in core areas of practice such as civil practice, corporate practice, conveyancing practice, criminal practice, family law practice and insolvency law practice.

Practice Management for the Savvy Practitioner -  this focuses on imparting practice knowledge and techniques to assist practitioners to manage and develop their law practices.

New Frontiers for the Cutting Edge Lawyer - this focuses on giving practitioners an insight into specialized and emerging areas of practice.

Legal Courses for Law Firm Staff - this focuses on supporting law firms through the delivery of knowledge, techniques and skills developments courses for law firm staff.