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We are pleased to be a SILE-Accredited Training Institution for the mandatory CPD scheme.

Upcoming Events

55 Market Street Singapore 048941, #09-02, Hall 1 (map)
 Public CPD Point: 2 Points (TBC) Practice Area: Professional Skills  Training Level: General ABOUT THIS SEMINAR The Law Society of Singapore’s Probate Practice Committee, supported by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) & Singapore Medical Association (SMA), is proud to present a series of seminars relating to the Mental Capacity Act and the Lasting Power of Attorney. This series of seminars is a joint effort with multiple parti...
NTUC Business Centre - Room 801 (map)
No. of Public CPD Points: Practice Area: Training Level: 1.5 Points Others General  ABOUT THIS SEMINAR: Over the past thirty years, there has been a proliferation of international courts and tribunals. Along with the International Court of Justice (ICJ), we now have the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS), Annex VII arbitration under UNCLOS, the International Criminal Court, State-to-State ad hoc arbitrations, various...
55 Market Street, #03-01, Spore 048941 (Conference Room 1) (map)
 Public CPD Point: 2.5 Points Practice Area: Ethics and Professional Development  Training Level: General The Anti-Money Laundering Committee of The Law Society of Singapore is pleased to present this seminar. Lawyers are required to comply with the legislation and the Law Society’s Practice Direction on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. Lawyers must be familiar with the applicable rule...
NTUC Business Centre - Room 903 (map)
No. of Public CPD Points: 6.0 Points Practice Area: Real Estate Training Level: General ABOUT THIS SEMINAR The Conveyancing Practice Committee (“CPC”) of the Law Society of Singapore is pleased to present the “Day of Conveyancing Highlights 2014” for the third consecutive year. The CPC believes that the legal practice of real estate in Singapore requires a good understanding of the applicabl...
Cliftons Singapore, The Finexis Building, Level 11 (map)
  The Muslim Law Practice Committee of The Law Society of Singapore is proud to present this seminar on Islamic Finance. As the Islamic banking industry continues on its trajectory growth worldwide, there would inevitably be an increase in the number of cross-border transactions and disputes involving Islamic finance. In such cases, the Sharīʿah-compliance status of such transactions would be closely examined. The increasing globalised nature of the industry would mean that any decisions ...
55 Market Street, #09-02 Spore 048941 (Hall 1) (map)
No. of Public CPD Points: 1.5 Points Practice Area: Others Training Level: General ABOUT THIS SEMINAR The Civil Practice Committee of The Law Society of Singapore is pleased to present this seminar. A system of costs budgeting has been piloted and recently came into force in England. The English system of costs budgeting applies to all multi-track cases generally except for cases in certain specialist courts such as the Admiralty and Co...
Supreme Court of Singapore - 1 Supreme Court Lane (map)
   Public CPD Points (to be confirmed) 3 Points (AM); 3 Points (PM) Practice Area: Professional Skills Training Level: General The Law Society of Singapore is proud to present our Annual CPD Day for Busy Practitioners 2014. The morning session will compress legal and practice developments in a wide array of practice areas in short, 'bite-sized' segments, to provide an overview of a few key highlights of the year from a practitioner perspective. The afternoo...

Law Society's Training Roadmap for Members

Nuts and Bolts for the Learning Lawyer - this focuses on developing a firm foundation for basic skills required by new practitioners and those who wish to develop their skills in an existing practice area or to practise in a new practice area.

Latest Developments for the Busy Practitioner - this focuses on giving practitioners quick legal updates on case law and legislation and their implications in core areas of practice such as civil practice, corporate practice, conveyancing practice, criminal practice, family law practice and insolvency law practice.

Practice Management for the Savvy Practitioner -  this focuses on imparting practice knowledge and techniques to assist practitioners to manage and develop their law practices.

New Frontiers for the Cutting Edge Lawyer - this focuses on giving practitioners an insight into specialized and emerging areas of practice.

Legal Courses for Law Firm Staff - this focuses on supporting law firms through the delivery of knowledge, techniques and skills developments courses for law firm staff.